SOONY (Sound Of Old New York)

by James "SoSoon" Gantt

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SOONY is a prequel to a larger project of SoSoon's titled Nieuw Amsterdam which aims to bring attention to the history of New York and the positive contributions of blacks throughout its development. The album is complemented by thirteen original pieces of art that capture the vision of each song.


released November 28, 2016


Marvin "S.K." Sannon
July Quinn
Robert "Fortune" Kearse
K'riem Scott
Arric "King Virtue the Great" Patillo
James "SoSoon" Gantt


All songs recorded and mixed by Luis "Eli Efi" Silva


Reggie "Mad-Man" Weldon
Steven "Rebel" Rosario
Mike "Maverik" James

Cover Art:

Can't Breathe created by Ceasar Nash | Digitized by Mariama Rafetna
All other original cover Art by Shatiera Freeman | Digitized by Will Weng



all rights reserved
Track Name: War or Peace

`War or peace, war or peace,
if you want war hope you wore your piece,
cause I hammer bars like Thor on beats,
the Bandwagons here to restore your streets.

(Peace or war, war or peace, peace, peace, peace)

Vs 1`
Do you want ` war or peace, the sword or the beat,
- I prefer peace but in war I'm elite,
^ I embody the galore, the g-lor^ious^physique
^of^an,^en-during, award^winning,^alluring emcee.

Let's rejoice, in the lord^he is pure, I am he,
this is^literally^holy^shit, the manure, I excrete,
I must say, I foresaw, you would bore me to sleep,
-I'd prefer more, to hear snores, on repeat.
Than^your stor-ies, of^corner^store brawls in the streets,
you're a g, you assure, I am sure^I don't believe,
even if you had Coch-ran, and Ro-bert Shapiro,
-you deserve an Oscar like Ro-bert Dinero.

-Cause^you^are^not^a^mobster, impostor of heroes,
-no originality, imposters get zero's,
^S.K.^gets^the award, for the score of this beat,
while I^get^the reward^for ^the flawless defeat.


Vs 2`

`Do you want `peace or war, cease all war,
we shall restore peace on all shores,
^we're the Starship Enterprise, we don't cause no beef,
but if beef crawls, we carnivores.

-My team full of meat connoisseurs,
above Captain Kirk I'm the fleets commodore,
so when it’s time to eat bet's believe we on call,
^fingerling^number 23, all 24.
All 7 days a week,^weak plead (call em off),
let^em^scream, will somebody pass me tartar sauce,
what a feast, only thing it needs, sprinkle crack on it,
-kill the beat, Zombieland, double tap on it.

-Step on,^step off,^step back on it,
^get wright or get left,^reflect on that warning,
team is comprised of Peter's, Paul's,
^and^I'm^tryna be Jesus like, heed to the call.


Vs 3'
Decorum, you can't have war without peace -
A lords^kingdom^can't have lords without priest,
Cause when the citizens go poor without meat,
It doesn't take long for swords to unsheathe.

Ballzy mouthpieces calling out beefs,
In the name of God but hardly bout beliefs,^
Believe that these squabs are born without laws
So we are in charge what's yours is our feast.
-Truth be told tis more about thief's
Whose need for more and more means slaughterhouse beef,
It's more bout regimes^these brawls without cease,
Till one^side^falls^down, sprawled out on the street.

Our morals out beat your borders outreach,
Our lords are now Chiefs, conform or count sheep,^
Brick^and^mortar^for walls^to^ensure your out keep,^
Can't enter these walls without your house keys (Nieuw Amsterdam).
Track Name: Nieuw Amsterdam
My city is run by straight gangstas
Old money from slavery the new bankers
Mob bosses who speak the streets language
You claim to hold the block down, nigga you’re just an anchor

My city is run by real criminals
The white collar crooks the supplies who they get it through
The blue blood are the true thugs to get at you

Vs 1:
I been around town both pre and post, transatlantic^slavers^
before^and^after^The^Dutch used boats, to bring slaves in
before Wall Street was the market to cop chains with
Slaves attached to em^smoked^hookah^with, the Natives

We watched as they docked on the dock and didn't say shit
never figured they were delivering devastation
defecation, I encourage you to be patient
four centuries of life I've seen changes

When the British came to take, over the slaves
New Amsterdam became New York, the, the name
of the Duke whose troop fucked shit up quick,
erupted the Duchess, with one goal mass consumption

What I came to see is that my, my only function
as a trapped Black was to make something out of nothing
I'm rambling, forgive me, it's getting blurry
short term memory from such long journeys you heard me still


Vs 2:
How about some `hardcore
I fought for, and by whites in these star wars
I sacrificed, for starred spangled banners
encore, 1812, I fought sword and fist
to make sure we wouldn’t talk like this (British accent)

Fast forward before the Irish arrived in NY
it was either fly or die like left eye
I resided in the 5 Points rested side by side
inside a bed of lies

Until the draft riots, suddenly they tried to supply my demise
I survived
they became pigs together they formed the biggest battalion in NY
2nd to mafioso Italians

Let’s ride the IRT, before the MTA can’t buy a car cheap
the trains were my get away to uptown
where I composed many an art piece
and smooth jazz from rough sounds yet still


Vs 3:
American gangsta, I wanna thank ya
before Blue Magic you roomed booze in tankers
when prohibition hit you shipped spirits, whisky, gin and rum
fueled my artistry and made the ladies frisky
My best work was made when brandy made me tipsy
I never let them Italians take shit from me
During the Harlem Renaissance
I had the best speakeasy, they tried to extort me a black debutant

I was even there on that night
before the white housing owners forced mass black flight^
t’was a bit before Hip-Hop started to sprout
and just like Hip-Hop I now live in the south

But every once and awhile, I still visit the South Bronx
the housing projects where we used to get down
I been around before Hudson, up and down the Hudson
Survived the ups and downs the big apple should be called something out of nothing
Track Name: Kings of the City
Part 1: Nieuw Nubians

Vs 1:
Back before Black Star, I was more blacksmith
Back before rap stars, I was more black then
Back before Rodstarz, I was RDAC'ing
Unifying Africans, back before crackers

Was casting warcraft's forward mass in the water
For slaughter for my daughter's way before a quarter water
We were richer they were poorer they conveyed that they adored us
Made a trade turned a traitor same way they played before us

Enslaved us, deport us, engraved us, they bought us,
The 1st eleven slaves way before a, New York was
30 really came but, they braved the waters
For those of us remained they, saved us, but warned us.

The reason why you came's to help us sustain, more us
So help us pave the way in, exchange for trust
You create the legacy of us they speak in movies in,
the first eleven niggers, the first new Nubians.

Chs #1: (x2)

Dutch West Indian, Simian, Indians
Africans, Caribbean's, soon will be a myriad,
Fuck your pyramids, welcome to the company
Post pre chain gang (woot) D W C

Part 2: Kings of the City

Chs #2: (x1) (Singing "fauxpra")

Whom amongst you thinks that you could be a martyr
No attempt to dream contempt being a pauper
So much life to celebrate, so much land to dominate
He who wins will always be history's author

Vs 2:
The subject of a tweet
subjects at the summit of my feet
Scrubbing my heels till the balls make a squeak
Anything less subject for repeat, capiche?

Sunsets by the beach
5 different queens from one borough each
Each get, one day of the week
And two more queens from queens for the weekend, (sheesh)!

If you haven't noticed,
said twit, was a pick I was posing
Feet crossed posted on the heads of my opponents
Just killed the last few off my condolence-

Is, to^all the families left homeless, fuck it it's a bonus
My kingdoms quickly growing, all this off of flowing,
the Vibe hasn't arrived, the Source wasn't advised,
let's give em a moment………..

Don't it feel like we the real life Jay and Ye Otis?
You niggas are throne less,
it's clear to us who owns it

Going going gone, but no longer go in
A Tribe Called Quest, my theories on the low end
One handed home runs, so is such a shows men,
The Bandwagon’s heregie heregie here's your final notice.

Chs #2: (x1)

Chs #2 & Chs #1 simultaneously (x1)