The Bandwagon: Director's Cut

by SoSoon

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"The Bandwagon.....Director's Cut is a collection of 12 songs (and a bonus track) that hopefully give the listeners an idea of what my collective sound is about. The goal of this album is to show my versatility as an emcee by providing music for those who love lyrics, display my storytelling abilities, show my fun side, showing my serious side, and most importantly, showing the world that versatile emcees exist."


released October 27, 2010

Executive Producer: SoSoon
Co-Produced by: Timothy "Prolific" Jones & Jibran "King Sage" Malik



all rights reserved
Track Name: Drive the Bus
Vs 1: Introducing, a one man institution,
the names SoSoon don't introduce him,
The name in itself is an introduction,
cause this is the sound of something out of nothing.

Any sleuth could deduce,
that Imma get loose on this percussion,
this production, is fit to bump in,
a vehicle trunk or a business function.

You used to be the shit now get accustomed
to the lyrics I spit aint shit to fuck with,
take chris(tal) to the head call em liquid lunches,
I am not an alcoholic just a liquor glutton.

Many talk of takeover trust it is coming,
from the pyramid all the way to Sputnik,
the A to the junction, the J to Sutphin,
evacuate the station let's take this bus trip.

Ride to hillside, what are they discussing,
what this whole Soon movements becoming,
What this whole Soon movements becoming,
allow me this trip without interruption.

Chs: That number one spot was meant for us,
how I know cause god we trust,
and god told me we fly as fuck,
so bus driver please drive that bus

(driver) drive the bus
(driver) drive the bus
(driver) drive the bus
(driver) drive the bus.

Vs 2: As the wheels on the bus go round,
moving through towns, like greyhound
I move through crowds, like planes move through clouds,
check my profile full of frequent flyer miles.

Like Davis, style is contagious,
Flow like the Nile, a homemade style,
sounds of the beat form vows with the pages,
loud is the base breaks ground like Vegas.

Bound to win the triple-crown put a wager down on the races,
call it a investment in greatness,
so fresh-the product has no expiration,
the sound is tangible, you can drown when the break hits.

I do this for all the brown faces,
a pro black flow that transcends races,
racist clowns wanna hold back greatness
I transform on em y'all call it a facelift.


Vs 3: 21 gun salute and 3 cheers,
hip hip hooray my ziggins cause we here,
I damn near, cried blood and bled tears,
cause I've been putting work into this for ten years.

So now’s a better time than ever to get money,
cause time flies fast inside of your mid 20's,
which means since my teens I been hungry,
within this small frame of a man is a big tummmmmmmy.

-Check my lyrical symphony,
these rappers is trash like Sanford you big dummies-,
this shit is funny at the same time its not though,
can't understand How'd you get what you got yo.

But I was never, raised to be a hater,
we'll talk when I get to the top, I'll see you later,
until then, enjoy it while it last
I'll pour a little liquor out the window when I pass.
Track Name: Who's Bad?
Vs 1: Since the question's been posed, I guess I gotta set it in stone,
for ziggins who talk reckless in a feminine tone,
I blow the track up with a terrorist flow,
that'll disable your naval give em veteran homes.

Professional of ex-ceptional excerpts,
lyrical expert, better yet a professor,
take a semester of lectures, learn how to,
measure your net worth, turn words into treasures.

Never one bar be sub par,
so when I bust off don't ask where the guns are,
you front hard, stunting but your funds are far from trumps chump,
I play bumper cars with Dunbars.

In my front yard, armor trucks for you harmless fucks,
you tryna flood the market with garbage I mark it up,
while you’re starving like Marvin I marvel on these Carter bucks,
Vince Carter, Wayne Carter, Sean Carter smarten up.

Chs: Me in the lab with a pen and a pad,
equals many mad hatter ziggins I'm bad (just a tad),
And so its not misunderstood,
not bad meaning bad I'm bad meaning good. (x2)

Vs 2: SoSoon the flyest, with a gold touch like Midas,
and a flow like this and a stroll like strobe lights hit
the souls of my glow Nike kicks,
these shoes were made for me to pose like this.

One hand to hold my dick,
crown both my heads I'm yo highness (highness)
-oh I'd go sit and watch me, if I were not me,
cause I am probably.

The closest you'll get to a pro like him,
Bell Biv Devoe, yo I'm them,
p, poison like pen, direct like spike and,
I'm spiteful when I write, hope you might, tell a friend

I've mastered the art of war from Sun Tsu,
verbal Kung Fu, check one two one two, son SoSoon,
a.k.a, general So, not chicken
gun ho with the flow, goodnight bitches.


Vs 3` I am Outcast intuitive, Rakim rudiments,
Ghostface, Raekwon, next level Wu shit,
Jay-Z Blueprint, a Busta Rhymes intrusion,
a Bootcamp, Ludacris, Lunatics, music.

Slick Rick ruler ship, roots crew movement,
A Tribe Called Quest Queens Q-tip blues tip,
a Lupe coolness, Cool J, smoothness,
flow tight penetrate your ears no lubricant.

-Understand I'm on some new shit,
fuck a huge whip, I put rims on a cruise ship,
the crew that I roll with is ruthless,
when I holla all hands on deck they get stupid.

You threatening to shoot a teck’s, a minor nuisance,
cruise missiles ‘fina have you pushing up tulips,
my pseudonym’s a synonym for exclusive,
SoSoon so bad, and that's cause the shoe fits.

Track Name: Blowing Money
Vs 1: I treat green like it grows on trees,
fall time money bags full of raked up leaves,
they say, they say the best things in life are free,
but apparently somebody done lied to me.

For me, every penny earned's 2 pennies spent,
a one hour shopping spree is like too many spent,
but then again too many aint in my vocabulary,
like a thumbs up I need the one up on my adversaries.

My real profession, is bill collecting
I want a duck, duck goose Mercedes Benz collection,
a pair of his and hers compressors, impressive,
with the retractable stairs watch your step when you step in.

I got a, fetish for lettuce,
peeling off 20's cause you need money when you're trend setting,
I treat em like Ronco rotisserie I set it then forget it
by the time you get it I be on some next shit (Soon).

Vs 2: Look, I blow dough like the war on terrorist,
Christian Dior Juicy Coture for my better chicks,
fresh sweaters overseas got the better kicks
freshly stitched cow hide etc. Etc.

Look, who can do it better than this veteran,
the ice glow on tonight’s show call me Letterman
cheddar never been an impediment, check spent,
outstanding debts, F it I'm so American.

-I got a fetish for air dunks and matching fitted's,
matching stitching is tedious but I'm attractive in it,
sports jackets fedora's my glasses are exquisite,
it’s the museum of fresh, a mobile art exhibit.

A rare occasion if you see me wearing something old,
I'm SoSoon bitch! I dry clean my underclothes,
sneakers in different flavors bet yours don't come in those
wear em 3 times if you're lucky then I'm done with those.

Vs 3: Big spender, little saver, slow dancing with little paper,
living check to check the thrill of danger,
gold standard with silver paper,
truthfully I could afford to spend a little safer.

Its more than flossing honestly I got a problem
saving is a rare occasion I refuse to hold a dollar,
I could blow through a G easy no hesitation,
cause a black man with money is a bad combination

I got a fetish for, dressing impressive,
expending expenses on expensive expenditures,
spending extensive, amounts, accounts
that be looking so tremendous suddenly they get suspended.

Spend some lend some still paying rent um,
the black plague I like to call disposable income,
check come, check go now I gotta borrow like
lemme hold something, you gon get it back tomorrow.

Yeah I got problems, I know how to resolve em,
but some new kicks just dropped (did you get em) yeah I got em,
the moment I spot em, I dropped a bill on em
like Hillary Rodham now I'm back to the bottom.

Get a little show money, but that's slow money,
but I aint broke enough to get that on the low money,
the work for sure money be the easy blown money,
cause when I get a hold of it I'm seem to blow money.
Track Name: He's the Man
Vs 1: Who do you know gets sponge baths with happy endings,
never had one I recommend it,
bed and breakfast, head and breakfast,
my company pays overhead expenses.

You verses me that's talking reckless,
I'm ahead of my time Flintstones verse Jetson’s,
cause if a Dick head can be head of Americans,
command warheads and bring death to veterans.

Then surely Porgy I can beckon
that I'm the man my chorus mentions,
I'm in demand like wars to weapons
therefore I'm demanding you all respect him.

While I, restore the allure of freshness,
my style is a salad tossed with dressing,
the boss of the floss make sure when I step in
you reward em with applause and affection, like SoSoon.

Vs 2: Ladies and gentleman, your attention,
the man’s in command for your protection,
The lord of moors, but with more direction,
The lord of war, I import the weapons.

The lord of lords next to lord in heaven,
the lord is my lords my important message,
the more you explore with the Dora method
is the more you detour from the manifested.

I am, the man-i-fes-tation of greatness
you are the re in-car-nation of Satan
y'all dudes is Judas, full of hatred,
attempting, to tarnish my reputation.

Instead of protecting your reckless nature,
you show disrespect, a request for danger,
and mama told me not to mess with strangers,
but dude lost his mind like vegetation (now he's saying).

Vs 3: Call me Bret the Hitman, sharp shooter your heart,
stupid not cupid, ruthless with the darts,
move into your starting mark, get set go,
me be a starving artist, heck no!!!!!

Soon so fly, so why would I stunt,
like tryna hide fucked up teeth with gold fronts,
ziggins ghost riding tryna ride rough,
you can pole vault with my dick off my nuts.

(Like uhhhh) I touch these women like Steve jobs,
you pay to play with women from b squads,
I lay with grade a vagina,
bench like a WNBA lineup.

I'm a big deal like the 90s 49ers,
the rhyming Montana before he retired,
the 08 giants inside of ciphers,
ziggins that try me wind up getting mind fucked.

Still wonder why its I who the man is,
I who resides on totally different planet,
I live my life on totally different standards,
so I sympathize for your lack of understanding.

These little guys they lines are grandstanding,
telling little lies the size of grand canyons,
the difference between you wannabe's and the man is,
you make demands, I make commandments.
Track Name: Dance Dance Dance
Vs 1: I'm, lost for words, I can't speak,
the way you molest the floor with your feet (your feet)
I don't like to dance but every once in a while
the beat kicks me out of my seat (my seat)

Especially when I see a P-Y-T (T),
eyeing, me (me),
fantasizing like we in a tree (tree),

Like David Banner,
get on her back like m-i-s-s-i-p-p, I,
spy (spy), with my eyes,
a natural beauty with a nice set of cheeks.

Oops, I meant teeth, with a smile so bright,
she blind my eyesight, when she talk to me,
come walk with me, have a drink or two,
lemme tell you what I think of you.

Chs: Boy I see you watching, watching what I'm doing,

Girl you see me watching, don't stop, keep it moving,

To the rhythm of the beat, move your feet till you can't (cause)

Vs 2: Lord have mercy pon my soul,
lady luck done struck with a pot of gold (pot of gold),
and I don't even like lucky charms,
but it must be, my charm is like musty arms.

Funky strong, cause she keeps hovering close,
rubbing on me like butter on toast,
or rubber on concrete calmly I approach,
the economies going broke cause her body is on a slope

With the physique of Beyonce hood beauty like Keisha,
she moves like Ciara, remind me of Alyiah,
a smile like Alicia’s, as I'm undressing her,
with my eyes her behind started the pressing up.

Caressing her hips, wrestling with her sumo wrestler,
She backing it up, aggressive but I'm a competitor,
neglecting the, wetness of sweat, F it I'm sweating her,
She sweating me let’s set it up, Etc. Etc.



To the distinguished gentleman
Up in this establishment
If you know you can't dance
Save your time and embarrass-ment

If you're here to play the wall,
You don't even got a chance

So many ladies,
for me to pursuit,
But since I walked in here
Can’t take my eyes off you

If you just (give, give, give)
Give me a chance

Vs 3: Now, I aint tryna be rude miss,
but you turning me on with those movements,
you turning me on how you moving,
call you Uhaul how you move it

Miscellaneous al-coholic fluids,
causing my brain much confusion,
making me dance to lame music,
but patron numb my brain so, I remain foolish.

I make due just to watch you so graceful,
shake and groove and your lower body escape you,
stay true to the rules of seduction,
premeditated archaic vol-canic eruptions.

They say, love is right, and lust is wrong,
But sometimes wrong is right, plus I love this song,
so let's be, wrong tonight till the dusk of dawn,
or at least till the lights come on, last song (goodnite!)
Track Name: Open
Chs: (Open)like hand to doorknob
Work that stick shift like a manual sports car
Once you start, gotta keep it going
Cause this little engine makes a lot of commotion.

(Open) like razor flip phones
That’s how it goes when you play with a nympho
Migrate to your zip code miss you know my motive
Baby (don’t front, you know I got you)

Vs 1: (Open)for a brand new experience
You must be tired of rambling idiots
Mysterious your stance is commanding my antenna’s up
Stern like Howard, my channels on serious I’m

(Open) But my plan is legitimate
Give me five and I’ll be manhandling this Trini Chick (pssssst)
Whisper in your ear romantic and silly shit(like)
Wait till you see my (ooohhhhh) I see you giggling you.

(Open)like sandals let’s skinny dip
In this water bed god damn you’re so pretty miss (pretty thick)
Titty licking while these candles are flickering,
Waste line taste fine panties are furious I’m.

(Open) But stamina is pretty sick
I won’t kill the cat but I’ll stoke it since you’re curious
I can be the answer to your cancer like you’re really sick
Cause when it comes to horizontal dancing I’m experienced!


Vs 2: (Open) for a stroking motion,
Row my boat along the coast of your ocean
Floating, lack of control,
Three fingers in all three holes like bowling, posing.

(Open) we can catch the 2 train on Nostrand
You won’t need a token for this poetry in motion-
I’mma treat your clit like postage,
Lick before I stick my stamp on stay focused.

(Open) for a dosage
of this potent poking potion
I’m not boasting, one stroke will leave you frozen
Two will evoke brief comatose (shhhhhhhh)

(Open) I’m devoted to keeping you moaning
Like a homeless, puppy tryna sniff his way home
When I, come over no clothing’s a bonus
This boning, will have you quoting spoken word poems.


Vs 3: If you’ve got an (open) mind and an open mouth
You’re cordially invited to my open houseeeeeeee-
Have a sleep upon my open couch
Oops, my hand fell into your open blouse it was

(Open) and I get so flirtatious
When I’m near a figure that’s so curvaceous
I know the rule is 1st base, 1st date
But I just said grace now I’m anxious to taste it.

(Open) if you have high sexual energy
Down to get down with bi-sexual tendencies (shorty!)
Then you can photograph your friend and me
I’ve got several positions in my photographic memory.

(Open) You naked a flawless creation
It’s like the creator took perfect and traced it,
Black women I prefer to play with
Cause I don’t hate white girls but curves are racist!
Track Name: The Underclass
Vs 1:
When the clubs close out in the heart of Manhattan,
and the never sleeping city settles down for a napping,
somebody’s gotta empty all the heavy metal baskets,
separate the people from the sea of yellow traffic.

Sweep the trash of the upper working classmen,
scars from the broken champagne glasses,
whatever happens he handles it passive,
cause while we play the front he takes the rut on the backend.

You barely see him cause he's not European,
when something needs cleaning is the only time you need em,
you don't wanna be him, his work is complicated,
your hands are to smooth to do a job so degrading.

But he stays on his shit no complaining,
to you he's just another spick nigger but to me he's courageous
when you’re working for a minimum wages,
and never spend a moment aggravated he should be congratulated.

Chs: New York City nights, bright lights pretty sights,
Somebody’s gotta keep it looking all pretty right,
when the cities at a stand still they keep it moving,
its a fucked up job but somebody gotta do it.

Vs 2: You can find em in Asian, East and West Indian communities,
African immigrants looking for unity,
say what you wanna they don't care about your scrutiny,
all they care about is a better opportunity.

While you and me complain about working everyday,
they taking our jobs, and doing it for nothing,
cause when you come from nothing, a little equals something,
they maximize the minimal and minimize consumption.

He nurture's his children, and cares for his wife,
cause all he cares about is a better way of life,
he lives within his means, he gives what he receives,
He goes to work the same everyday real fatigued.

The cities still awake while everyone is sleeping,
he sleeps in the day and awakes in the evening,
he never calls out, vacations an illusion
it’s a fucked up job but somebody’s gotta do it.


Vs 3: This goes out to the caboose conductor,
the transit authorities, the housekeepers-90% of em minorities,
the homeless musicians, the talent less beggars,
the Ahamed's and papi's at the one stop bodega's.

Busboy's, bartenders, yellow cab drivers,
we still show em love even though they pass by us,
the nurses and Nannies, who deal with little white pricks,
the project janitors who work upon the night shift.

The open MIC hosts and the open MIC performers,
the open MIC attendants who stay just to support us,
the dudes 12 to 12 hand to hand on the corner,
the mta employees the backbone the aura.

Of the never sleeping city, the apple, its core,
the folks who go unseen, never honored or adorned
take a look at history we're the allure of new York,
clock alarms unlock the bombs, they’re the calm before the war comes.
Track Name: Forbidden Fruit
Vs 1: Sweeter than the apple at the top of the tree,
Eve's temptation in the garden of E-den,
they say you're skins got the mark of the beast,
and a life full of sin will follow if you're ea-ten

-This is the word that the Lord God speaketh,
-but if this is the case than I don't wanna believe him,
-call me a heathen, cause anything he made to weather the four seasons,
-whatever the treatment.

Deserves to be treated, with respect and sweetness,
but instead neglect and reckless beating’s,
replaced affectionate caress' and sweetness,
which now reflects on your flesh through legions.

-Bruises, fruit for the soul misused and abused
-is enough for a dude like me to move in, but I can't, intrude in,
-hopefully you can forgive me,
-but certain elements forbid me, certain elements forbid me

Chs: What am I supposed to do,
(when I) when I can't get close to u,
when the world won't let me be alone with you,
and all I really want to do is be holding you. (x2)

VS 2:
-I see your aura like Rick James, ever since we were little playing kid games,
-you had a glow about you,
-I knew things that nobody else would know about you,
-you had a thick frame when having a thick frame wasn't a big thing.

Plus I couldn't even kick game,
cause miss thing was more like a sibling
long distance an instance for disdain,
still, I was there when shit hit the wind blades.

-Often, lost like orphans, caught with walking corpses,
-despite all of my cautions,
-I could smell asses from here to Massachusetts
-when you needed love they just wanted something to screw with.

-Cupid is either dumb blind or stupid,
-cause now I want something that would cause confusion,
-seclusion, is my only conclusion
-and a few photographs to help feed the illusions.

-Delusions of grandeur damn her,
-cause she represents what it is to love, and love is a hell of a drug,
-stronger than your 5 senses combined, to make a six sense
-cause without your senses you just can't survive.

-Another words loves stronger then being alive,
-in that Sunday’s dress its a heathens disguise,
-when that seed forms the tree that I'm feeing to climb,
-it’s that apple of eve that's got me questioning what I need in my life


-What do I do, when I wanna be close to you,
(So close, yet so far)
-What do I say to let you know that I'm feeling this way
-You ain't gotta say nothing cause I already know,
-You ain’t gotta say nothing cause I already know.

Vs 3:
-They say, pain is love, and love is painful,
-when you searching above for the love of angels,
-the mental seduction
-which turns into gentle touching.

-One side of the mind saying we aint supposed to be here,
-but this thing called love don't allow you to see clear,
-so we stop, we drop the subject,
-brush it away never to speak of it.

-Loveless, letting our significant others feel the suffering
-stuck with the repercussions,
-the more time passes these discussions,
-get lost in the air like PC corruption.

-And me being only 20 something,
-part of me sees but the other parts still wondering,
-what we could’ve been if gods word wasn't legible,
-and somewhere it was written that all fruit was edible.
Track Name: Industry's Shady
Vs 1: Industry minded, you've been blinded,
looking for a sound like mine you can't find it,
even if you find it, industry can't sign it,
them contracts are wack, I see in between the lies in it.

Tired of tyrants hindering our grinding,
mahogany desks with leather chairs behind it,
deciding designs designed to keep our minds in a bind
where we strive to survive off of consignment.

I define the fine line inside of the clouds silver lining,
and the sun when its shining
the timing for climbing couldn't be better,
the forecast calls for the fall of these four giants.

I remember when there used to be five of them
then came the slingshots literally firing,
I put goliath into retirement,
admire the industry’s David, I am him


Vs 2: Got a loaded hunting rifle in a room full of vultures,
aiming to the sky while they flying in a circle,
they running out of time
like a mother fucking curfew.

Actions speak louder than the ziggins so talkative,
minimal bullets for maximum caucuses,
(they falling they falling) but we don't give a fuck
hog tie em by the neck call it a bad string of luck.

This is not a duck hunt we will not be contempt
till these vultures feel the full extinction level event,
this is closer to a witch hunt, come and pitch a tent
for this, extravaganza, we may charge a little rent.

Every cent ever spent on the death of innocent,
brain cells will be paid back until we are content,
it’s too late to repent, or express your resent,
dig a hole in the devils roof, freeze em in cement I

Vs 3: Holsters holding dos toaster with another on the shoulder

soldier, my G.I. Joe flow, verse these mother fucking cobras?!?!

No match for the raps that I pack,
no gats in the acc just a hat to the back, with a
with a match and a few sticks of dynamite
set a fire that Scoppetta couldn't fire fight.

The game needs a facelift
I aint hating on your fame if your famous for saying shit
If you're looking for a change let's embrace it,
tie the middle men up, put em in the basement.

All I need is a pen and a pad and a mic
and a beat and a stage or some grass
with a crowd full of soldiers
cause the industry is shady we're about to take it over I.
Track Name: Step On
Vs 1: It be the same cats with lame raps who talk rowdy,
be the same ones who claim guns but be outee,
when the beef comes acting like turtles in an aquarium,
no appetite for meat all the sudden they vegetarian.

Funny it’s like being a beast is in season,
but you’re a brontosaurs you brolic for no reason
since strength is numbers never see you for self,
but who can blame you, cause even king James needed help.

Don't get it twisted, because you don't see me cocking a biscuit,
does not by any means suggest that I'm no ballistic,
those rubber carpet ice grill matches will cause us friction
resulting in you becoming another fucking statistic.

I'm not the one, do not take for granted your existence,
cause man to man, hand to hand I've never been a timid ziggin
listen, I can leave you missing,
put you in a hole next to the devils kitchen can you dig it!

Chs: Step on, step off step over keep it moving (x4)

Vs 2: Remove your soul from your vision
some call it selling out it, I call it long division,
some ziggins get timid when in prison,
they go behind them bars and evolve into women.

My bars have a similar effect,
iron hard ziggins break you down with similar success I
grab the bar and I put it to the test,
you try to grab the bar but couldn't push it to your chest.

Don’t think because of my dress code
that I'm incapable of creating a chest cold
symptoms include, congestion and heavy breathing
a little bed rest maybe that'll relieve him.

Maybe we'll see em in the fetal position,
curled up like a new born pleading submission
if so I'll look over his shoulder
step on em take a picture step off and over.



They say the bad guy always finish first
which explains why Bush was the president and Malcolm's in the dirt,

But since the good guys always finish last,
I'm telling you fuck y'all kiss my ass.

Vs 3: I do this one for the love, two for the cheddar,
the cheesier the smell then the better,
American feta, Swiss, provolone, mozzarella,
ricotta parmesan or, Appenzeller.

Me making it rain na never, however,
I make it rain change on you wannabe go gettas
better go get a, change cup and an umbrella, Ella,
you ziggins is bums fighting for crumbs.

I'm a trend bender trend setter, my trends tend to,
offend competitors who attempt to trend better I'm,
best dressed when I'm not the best dressed,
but that only makes sense to the ziggins who dress fresh.

You could never ever-ever ever ever,
get on my level I'm too clever for you fellas soon,
I'm so stellar, I could’ve sold a television,
to Helen Keller, before it existed.
Track Name: My Environment
Vs 1` Shorty (shorty) rock (rock) standing on the corner (corner),
hustling them rocks (rocks) know he don't wanna (wanna),
be like his peers having fun playing sports,
but he got a mother with a crack habit to support (port).

Little (little) man (man) big drug runner (runner),
very little plans (plans) living in a slumber (slumber),
big hopes, little dreams trapped on the corner
with the rats and the cats selling that marijuana (wanna).

Baby (baby) girl (girl) started off good (good),
every (every) day (day) walking thru the hood,
met a guy who seemed nice seemed right so it seemed like,
two years later baby girls in that street life.

Cause seemed (seemed) like nice man got a plan (plan),
shorty (shorty) rock (rock) eating out his hands (hands),
little (little) man’s (man's) bringing in his money
and baby girls got a baby girl in her tummy (tummy).

Chs: Im’ma (Im’ma) product of my environment,
I import the product into my environment,
I be on the block till the cops come a firing
cause I support the conduct of a survivalist

Im’ma (Im’ma) product of my environment,
you want it then I'm selling it you got it then I'm buying it,
I don't got the elements to worry bout retirement
cause I support the conduct of a survivalist.

Vs 2' Young (young) motherfucker born in the suburbs,
pussy like a carpet eater, ziggins call him rug burn,
wanna be a thug (thug), so he gets a hammer,
plus a colored bandana now he's caught behind the slammer (slammer).

Young (young) motherfucker’s brother was a follower,
big brother boxed young motherfucker followed up,
overdose of halo and grand theft auto,
almost left without a halo or a chance to see tomorrow (morrow).

Teenage mama (mama),
2 little children by 2 baby fathers (fathers) in the same building
building up a bad rep, for be-ing a ho
said she wanted kids early now she's reaping what she so (so).

So (so) many (many) souls (souls) lost (lost)
in the (in the) struggle buried alive without a shovel,
cause young motherfucker and his younger fucking brothers brother
both boxed cause of lack of love from teenage mother (mother).


Vs 3: This is what its like in the ghetto
where the only ones who make it are the ones who never settle,
where the clouds are always gray no trees or green meadows,
only greenery, scenery's the weed that we pedal (pedal) (pedal).

Kick pushing flipping kush while the kids looking,
stuck firm upon the strip like a pin cushion,
chicks whips kicks all gotta be good looking,
but not too good cause in the hood you'll get your shit tooken.

Tattoos, thoughts captured in smoke capsules,
broken bottles liquor makes the struggle so attractive,
see the hood will keep your soul captive,
till the reaper soul snatches, that's why we're so un proactive.

So imagine if your soul (soul) was traveling,
with no physical or emotional attachment
this is (this is) this is real life this aint a movie no attractions,
stay in tune cause in this life there is no closed captions.
Track Name: Zemira
It’s like a fairy tale come
It’s like a fairy tale come
It’s like a fairy tale
Come true (Zemira)

Vs 1: To the left is The Bronx, mother of a Queens,
a king named Brooklyn, below and in between,
the island of Staten's a place called Manhattan,
(to the left to the left), an entire regime.

SoSoon mother Bronx took over the scene,
as the undisputed ruler of the whole industry,
little did she know, her expansion to the west,
left her in the middle, of a little mess.

She passed and she left, but on her way back,
she got caught slipping fell into the same trap,
similar to the west, these ziggins came strapped,
turns out it was some dudes that she knew from way back.

Talking bout (guess who stepped in the house),
some loud mouths repping from the kingdom of the south,
once again she got out, made it back to the scene,
no longer undisputed but she still was Queen.

Chs: Zemira, I'm tryna get you to see,
that you can be anything you wanna be,
don't let the little shhhhh get in the way,
of your hopes and your dreams, and turn you astray

(Little lady) now Sway, (little lady) now sway,
don't let the little shhhh get in the way,
you can be anything you wanna be, Zemira
I'm just tryna get you to see a little clearer.

Vs 2: There was this woman, spinning on her head,
(spinning on her what) yeah you heard what I said,
class-ic-lly trained, she could've made bread,
dancing ballet but chose breaking instead.

In-stead of bright lit stages, she was spraying spray paint
on dim lit stations where the city moves trains in,
traded the possibility of being famous
for changing the game she was raised in (raised in).

Its amazing,
how pavement transforms into a gang wars saving graces,
before bloodstains, su-stained a thugs pain,
gangs walked it out in break bouts and she braved it.

Never gets credit for this thing she made
Hip-Hop it’s a changing beyond containment,
containers can only sustain things for so long,
we still hail the queen so hold on Zemira.


Don’t waste time on lies
It’s okay to cry
We just want you to see a little clearer
Begging for you to hear us so please don’t fear us.

Just open your heart you’ll see
Baby girl in time you’ll seeeeeeeeeee

It’s like a fairy tale come true.

Vs 3: Zemira, symbolic for survivor
Short comings come tall, don’t let em deprive ya
The courage of a lion, the eye of a tiger
You are Hip-Hop in the form of McGuiver.

Something Out Of Nothing, something to admire
How you make miracles, suspended from a wire
I ad-mire the way you’ve moved boulders
That’s why I inspire to do this for my culture.