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Nieuw Nubians | Kings of the City was written from two perspectives. Verse one was written from the perspective of one of the first eleven African men kidnapped by The Dutch. The verse is a reflection of their lives before, during and after this process of enslavement including the harsh transitions and loss of culture. They reflect on their indigenous traditions and the history of African royalty dating back to the period between the 6th and 13th centuries.

Verse two was originally part of a collaboration between myself and two other emcees with the premise of reimagining our respective hometowns (Queens, The Bronx, and Long Island) as modern day empires and us as the kings of said empires. The verse, as it relates to the SOONY project is told from the perspective of The Dutch rulers as they allocated land and dictated orders to the settlers in Nieuw Amsterdam.


Part 1: Nieuw Nubians

Vs 1:
Back before Black Star, I was more blacksmith
Back before rap stars, I was more black then
Back before Rodstarz, I was RDAC'ing
Unifying Africans, back before crackers

Was casting warcraft's forward mass in the water
For slaughter for my daughter's way before a quarter water
We were richer they were poorer they conveyed that they adored us
Made a trade turned a traitor same way they played before us

Enslaved us, deport us, engraved us, they bought us,
The 1st eleven slaves way before a, New York was
30 really came but, they braved the waters
For those of us remained they, saved us, but warned us.

The reason why you came's to help us sustain, more us
So help us pave the way in, exchange for trust
You create the legacy of us they speak in movies in,
the first eleven niggers, the first new Nubians.

Chs #1: (x2)

Dutch West Indian, Simian, Indians
Africans, Caribbean's, soon will be a myriad,
Fuck your pyramids, welcome to the company
Post pre chain gang (woot) D W C

Part 2: Kings of the City

Chs #2: (x1) (Singing "fauxpra")

Whom amongst you thinks that you could be a martyr
No attempt to dream contempt being a pauper
So much life to celebrate, so much land to dominate
He who wins will always be history's author

Vs 2:
The subject of a tweet
subjects at the summit of my feet
Scrubbing my heels till the balls make a squeak
Anything less subject for repeat, capiche?

Sunsets by the beach
5 different queens from one borough each
Each get, one day of the week
And two more queens from queens for the weekend, (sheesh)!

If you haven't noticed,
said twit, was a pick I was posing
Feet crossed posted on the heads of my opponents
Just killed the last few off my condolence-

Is, to^all the families left homeless, fuck it it's a bonus
My kingdoms quickly growing, all this off of flowing,
the Vibe hasn't arrived, the Source wasn't advised,
let's give em a moment………..

Don't it feel like we the real life Jay and Ye Otis?
You niggas are throne less,
it's clear to us who owns it

Going going gone, but no longer go in
A Tribe Called Quest, my theories on the low end
One handed home runs, so is such a shows men,
The Bandwagon’s heregie heregie here's your final notice.

Chs #2: (x1)

Chs #2 & Chs #1 simultaneously (x1)


from SOONY (Sound Of Old New York), released November 28, 2016
Lyrics By: James “SoSoon” Gantt
Year Written: vs 1 and 2nd chorus, 2011. vs 2 and 1st chorus, 2013.
Producer: Julio “July” Quinn
Sample: Unknown
Time Period: When the 1st 11 Africans were brought to the island of Mannahatta.



all rights reserved